The Supreme Court has now overturned Roe V Wade

In a historic moment the US Supreme Court with a Conservative Majority has overturned Roe V Wade. For Christians and others who are against Abortion this is amazing! Many Christians prayed for decades for this. I am very excited and happy that this has happened. I am against abortion. Killing unborn babies is murder.

We all heard the draft leak when the Supreme Court was considering getting rid of Roe V Wade. As a result of the leak, the abortion supporters went out protesting against the Conservative Jusitices of the court. One man tried entering Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home with a gun! With all that happening I began wondering if the Judges on the Supreme Court would abandon their plans or not. I was wondering when they would finally do it. I was very happy when I saw they finally did it.

Now Federal Protection of Abortion will go away. It will now be up to individual states when it comes to abortion. Several states such as Texas, Idaho, Missouri, Kentucky, and others already have “trigger laws” they will enact. They were waiting for the Supreme Court to get rid of Roe, before they could ban abortion in their states. The 49 years of Roe have ended.

The battle over abortion is not over and will never end. We live in a sinful country and a sinful world. Just like abortions were happening before 1973. My home state of California is run by very pro abortion politicians and the Governor of California Gavin Newsom has offered women from out of state to get their abortions in California.

While it is not surprising that the Democrats are outraged over this, some Republicans are not happy about the ending of Roe V Wade. Republican Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski have denounced the Supreme Court and vowed to “protect abortion rights” Christians who worship the Republican Party need to wake up about the Republican Party. Please God open their blind eyes.


6 responses to “The Supreme Court has now overturned Roe V Wade”

  1. Yes, this is very good news but you’re right, it is no cause to cling to any political party.
    It’s a mistake to think that this world, or this country, can be reformed or back peddled to an era of morality.
    The judicial vote was morally and Constitutionally correct.
    But more than all this, we need to focus on the Gospel, more than fighting for laws, we need the repentance of sins.
    Good post Joseph, I hope all is well with you.

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  2. 🤣🤣 the case was very important even in my country , i mean for those of us doing law. Next semester we will be studying Feminism . I still don’t get why my class was so excited about it though , i mean abortion has never been legal in my country.

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      • You know let’s set some things straight , not on Politics or Law but abortion. In my country Uganda, pro choice or pro life doesn’t exist , your life your choice until family or friends find out you are expecting,then pro life. Abortion is illegal so doctors are least likely to do it . Also when a fifteen year old is pregnant , they rarely tell parents about it , almost every Ugandan girl knows that with a good amount of tea leaves you can get rid of a baby. And if you want other local methods , just ask your friends in the dormitory, I mean they may even be pro life but they sure will be excited to narrate stories they have heard and we know that after all is been said and done , the mother will make a choice. Grownups only find out from pregnancy tests and sometimes it’s too late. When I was sixteen, an eighteen year old almost died at school trying to get rid of a baby , a friend found it scary that she was losing too much blood and told the teachers and she was rushed off to hospital. And when i was eighteen, after pregnancy tests it was discovered that one of the girls had aborted , she was almost expelled from school , she was taken in for counseling. Given the state of our hospitals and the number of real sick people that want treatment, i doubt a doctor would ever be willing to get rid of a baby unless ofcourse you are a billionaire. Again grown ups condoning an abortion is close to very rare , they will rather have you leave school for nine months then go back . But as everyone knows , we are a poor country , most of the people are too poor and medication is too expensive so hospitals are not really in the abortion equation. And while Doctors could be arrested for a dead mother , mothers can’t be arrested for getting rid of a baby in the womb because people think that very stupid. I mean i could worry but for all the stories i have heard , even in America thousands of mothers die from abortions


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