Ex-Honduras Dictator Juan Orlando Hernandez on Trial in the USA. Obama, Trump, and Biden requested to Testify at Trial


Now that Ex-Dictator of Honduras Juan Orlando Hernandez has been extradited to the US, he is now standing trial in court in New York for drug smuggling charges. From 2014 until January 2022 he was frequently called an Ally by the US Government. The Obama Administration, the Trump Administration and even last year the Biden Presidency kept praising the Central American Narco-Dictator. They knew full well he was horrible. The DEA was already investigating Juan Orlando Hernandez in 2013 for cocaine smuggling and taking drug bribes. The Justice Department is saying that he and his younger brother Tony Hernandez have been involved in cocaine smuggling crimes since 2004. So the US Government cannot use the excuse “they didn’t know” in his criminal trial happening right now as they prosecute him.

U.S. President Barack Obama shakes hands with Honduras’ President Juan Orlando Hernandez after a meeting to discuss the flow of undocumented migrants to the U.S., in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington, July 25, 2014.

Hernandez Defense lawyer’s have asked to subpoena Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden to testify in his trial since they had been complicit with him the whole time. Also mentioned were Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and General John Kelly.

I wrote a post 2 weeks ago about our American Political leadership needing to give an account in this criminal trial. The Honduras Dictator’s defense team wants them to testify in the trial. His defense team also has called out the hypocrisy of the US Government in supporting Juan Orlando Hernandez for many years and now wanting to throw him away in prison.

The chances that any of them will appear at this trial are very slim. General Manuel Noriega of Panama also tried to do the same during his 1991-1992 trial. Noriega requested that Ronald Reagan and George H W Bush testify at his trial. Bush had been a supporter of Noriega, especially when he was director of the CIA in the 1970s and paying General Noriega a salary. Neither Reagan or Bush testified in the trial. Only some DEA officials testified in Noriega’s trial. They claimed that their earlier praise of Noriega prior to 1988 was ignorance and tried to lie their way out.

Also happening right now, is the former National Police Commander of Honduras Juan Carlos Bonilla Valladeres has also been extradited to the USA this week to also face criminal charges in the USA. Valladares was in the Honduras Police from 1985-2016. He took a cadet course with the US Army’s School of the American Program in 1992. He has a violent and corrupt record as a police leader. Including death squad activity.


Roe VS Wade about to be overturned? The Supreme Court and Abortion

Ever since the United States Supreme Court de facto legalized abortion in America in 1973 after the Roe Vs Wade Case, Christians in the USA have been praying and demonstrating against abortion ever since. Abortion was already happening underground in the USA before 1973, but the decision allowed abortion clinics to open with total permission. Abortions increased. As a Christian I oppose abortion, it is killing an unborn baby.

With the Conservative Majority in the Supreme Court right now, they are poised to overturn the Roe Vs Wade decision. If this happens this will be a huge moment. Christians have been praying for 49 years for something like this to happen. My church Hope Chapel has been very active in the Pro-Life movement, especially in the 1980s and 1990s. Many at my church volunteer at pregnancy centers that help women.

If Roe Vs Wade gets overturned, it will be the end of Federal Approval of Abortion. It will then be up to individual states to have their own abortion laws. Federal Funding for Abortion Clinics could end. Sadly my home state of California is very pro-abortion especially my governor Gavin Newsom. Newsom has already said he intends California to take in out of state women have their abortions if other states ban abortion. On the other hand, many traditionally conservative states will prohibit abortion once Roe Vs Wade gets over turned by the Supreme Court.

Already the Abortion Supporters are going out and spreading their anger and hate outside the houses of the Supreme Court Justices.

The battle over abortion will never end until the Lord Jesus returns. We cannot expect this struggle to be over until then. But how amazing it would be if the Supreme Court actually helps end Roe Vs Wade!

What Happens The Next Time The USA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Invades Another Country?

With all this attention and obsession with Russia’s ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡บ war in Ukraine ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ I have a question. What happens the next time the USA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ goes ahead and invades another country again like it invaded Iraq ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ถ in 2003? What happens in the near future is the USA invades Venezuela ๐Ÿ‡ป๐Ÿ‡ช or Iran ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ท ? After the US failures in both Iraq ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ถ and Afghanistan๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ซ and all of America’s condemnation of Russia’s war in Ukraine, how is the US going to justify invading a country like Venezuela and all the destruction and death that comes with it?

Just like what happened in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the US media did not show the images of the thousands of dead Iraqis as a result of the US Invasion. The US Pentagon itself estimated that over 7,000 Iraqi non-combatants were killed between March 2003-May 2003. An estimated 30,000 Iraqi Military Personal were also killed in the initial invasion according to the Pentagon. CNN, Fox News, and the other US Media did not show the American Public these bloody corpses of Iraqi men, women, and children to the American People. Contrast that with the DAILY images of dead Ukrainians shown to the American public in 2022. If the USA invades Venezuela or Iran or some other country, once again those dead civilians will not be shown on the American Cable News. Angry civilians angry at the US invasion will not be featured. Only people that seem to be supportive of the invasion will be selected by the US media to be shown to the American Public. I want to add that the Iraqis killed in the US bombings of Baghdad and other major Iraqi cities included children, the elderly, pregnant women probably, and even Iraqi Christians unlucky enough to be killed in the bombings. After 13 year of crippling economic sanctions and US bombings of Iraq in 1993, 1996, 1998.

How can the United States expect the rest of the world to support another one of its military invasions and overthrow of a foreign government? How can the US expect favorable reactions? How can it keep condemning Russia’s war? What if Russia ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡บ decides to give lots of military aid to the insurgency that follows agains the US Occupation of another country? How would the US be able to say “Russia stop sending weapons to these people!” after the US kept giving weapons to Ukraine?

Why should I be expected by fellow Christians in America to chant “USA USA USA!” when our country goes to invade some foreign country that likely has no capability to strike back at the US mainland? Pastor and Theologian Charles Spurgeon rejected that mentality. He was appalled many times by what his country England was doing in India in killing people.

Do not count of me to cheer the next US Invasion of (fill in the blank)

Mexican Politicians in Jail in the United States

Mexico, The USA’s southern neighbor. We are all aware Mexico is a very corrupt country and is overrun by powerful drug cartels. The Mexican Government is extremely corrupt and many are working with the cartels. What some Americans don’t know is there are some Mexican Politicians who have been arrested in the US and put on trial. This list consists of Genaro Garcia Luna, Jorge Torres Lopez, and Salvador Cienfuegos.

Genaro Garcia Luna

Genaro Luna was the Secretary of Public Security of Mexico from 2006-2012 under President Felipe Calderon. 2006 was the year that the Mexican Government officially declared war on the Drug Cartels of Mexico. President Felipe Calderon in December 2006 escalated Military Operations against cartels. Meanwhile his Public Security Secretary Genaro Luna was taking bribes from the infamous Sinaloa Cartel of El Chapo Guzman. In 2013 Forbes Magazine listed him as being one of the top 10 most corrupt politicians in Mexico. In 2018 a Sinaloa Cartel member testified that he bribed Luna $3 million twice. In 2019, Genaro Luna was arrested in Dallas, Texas. He is still currently in prison and his sentence has not been finalized yet.

Jorge Torres Lopez

Jorge Torres Lopez is a Mexican Politician who also served as a Governor for the Mexican state of Coahuila in 2011.

Coahuila is a Mexican State on the border of Texas. As Governor he participated in money laundering. He was indicted by the US in 2013. In a rare move the Mexican Government actually extradited him to Texas in 2019. He went to trial in 2020 and pled guilty to the charges. In 2021 he was sentenced to 3 years in prison in a Texas prison.

General Salvador Cienfuegos

Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda is among the most interesting on this list. It created an international incident and diplomatic stand off between the US and Mexico. He served in the Mexican Army from 1964 until 2018. He was the Defense Minister of Mexico from 2012-2018. He was arrested at the LAX Airport in October 2020 by US Law Enforcement when he came to visit family in California. When I read this story back in 2020, I was stunned. High Profile arrests like this don’t happen everyday. I did more research on him and learned he has a terrible record. In 1980 he ran over an agent in Mexico City and was arrested. Yet he remained in the Mexican Army. He was arrested again in 1999 while training Mexican cadets. One cadet shot the other and he didn’t discipline the cadets. Yet he still stayed in the Mexican Army.

While he was Defense Minister of Mexico, General Cienfuegos was working with the Beltran Leyva Cartel AKA the H-2 Cartel. The US Justice Department alleges that he took many bribes with the cartel and allowed the cartel to expand under the Army’s Watch. Another incident he is under fire for was the 2014 Mass Kidnapping in Igula Mexico in 2014. 43 University Students were abducted and never seen again. Allegedly The Mexican Army in collusion with a Cartel were behind this.

In 2018 the US Defense Department awarded General Cienfuegos the Legion of Merit.

In October 2020, the retired Defense Minister was visiting some of his extended family in California and got arrested at the LAX Airport. The Mexican Government was outraged by his arrest and protested against the US detaining him. The Mexican Government threatened they would expel all DEA Agents from Mexico is the US went ahead and put him on trial. The Trump Administration ended up caving in to Mexico and dropped the charges against Cienfuegos and released him the next month in November 2020 back to Mexico.

Upon returning to Mexico, the Mexican Government cleared him of all charges. He is a free man. Also the Mexican Government ended up passing a new law placing tighter controls of Foreign Law Enforcement working in Mexico and that foreign agents must share all their information with Mexican Officials from now on. And Foreign Agents have no immunity in Mexico. Security ties between the US and Mexico have been strained ever since.

These 3 were the most noteworthy Mexican Officials who have been arrested by the USA. Perhaps there are others, but I did not find that info yet.

These are more blatant examples of why the 50 year old war on drugs is a failure and will never work.

As Honduras Dictator Juan Orlando Hernandez is being extradited to the USA for trial, American Officials need to be held accountable too

Juan Orlando Hernandez who ruled Honduras from 2014-2022 is in the process of being extradited to the United States to stand trial for drug smuggling and helping drugs come to the United States. Prior to 2022, Juan Orlando Hernandez was a close US Ally, and America called him a “reliable ally” in the fight against drugs. The US Justice Department claims Hernandez had been involved in drug smuggling since 2004. The DEA had investigated him before he even ran for president in 2013. If US Officials were aware of how corrupt he was, why did they lie to the American Public about it? Why are they suddenly having him extradited? If American Officials were supporting his regime and continuing American Military aid to the corrupt Honduras, are they not complicit in aiding and abetting? If so, US Officials should have to give an account too.

Here is a list of American Officials and Politicians who were close allies and supporters of Honduras Dictator Juan Orlando Hernandez

General John Kelly

Marine General John Kelly was the commander of US Southern Command from 2012-2016. Since the US has had an airbase in Honduras since 1983, Kelly worked closely with the Honduran Tyrant while he led US Southern Command until 2016. General Kelly has called Juan Orlando Hernandez “a great guy” John Kelly then served in the Donald Trump Administration in 2017 as Secretary of Homeland Security and continued supporting the Honduras Dictator until Trump fired him. John Kelly has not commented at all since the 2022 extradition of Hernandez

Barack Obama

President Obama morally failed in US policy in Honduras during his 8 years in office 2009-2017. In Obama’s 1st year in office, that is when the Honduran Military carried out a coup and overthrew President Manuel Zelaya in June 2009

The Obama Administration did not press for the democratic return of Manuel Zelaya but supported the political takeover of corrupt politicians Pepe Lobo Sosa (2010-2014) and then Juan Orlando Hernandez in 2014. During Hernandez’s 1st 2 years in office, he had the constitution of Honduras changed in 2015 so he could run for a 2nd term. This was banned in the Honduras Constitution since 1982, and he used a rubber stamp supreme court to do it. Barack Obama and Joe Biden did not criticize this corrupt move, but kept rewarding the repressive rule of Honduras with more American Military Aid.

Joe Biden

This leads us to Joe Biden. As Vice President from 2014-2016, Biden as Vice President took part in US support for repression and corruption in Honduras. Then when he took office in 2021, he still did not denounce the brutal and corrupt rule of Juan Orlando Hernandez and did not end US Military Aid. By 2021 many people in the Democratic Party were pushing for the US to end support for the Honduras Dictator. Many Democrat Senators were pushing for a bill to end American Military Aid until Honduras took steps to clean up its human rights record. Despite this the Biden Administration took no steps against Hernandez until he left office on January 2022. 3 weeks after he left office as President, the US Government requests his extradition. Biden ignored his own party for over a year and took no actions until the dictator had outlived his usefulness for the US Government.

Admiral Craig Faller

Craig Faller was leader of US Southern Command from 2018-2021. Another Pentagon Ally of Juan Orlando Hernandez who kept trying to defend his image, even as US Federal Prosecutors kept publishing more evidence of Juan Orlando Hernandez and his brother Tony’s career in cocaine smuggling. Craig thought it would be a great idea to pose with a corrupt leader who had already been named a co-conspirator in US drug trials. Great job Craig. You are so “smart”

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump kept the status quo going with the USA and Honduras and kept giving more American Military Aid and training to Honduran Military death squads just as the Obama Administration had been doing. Even though Juan Orlando Hernandez’s brutal military crackdowns in 2018-2021 caused more Hondurans to flee their country and come to the US border, Donald Trump said his immigration strategy with Honduras was “genius”. In the 2017 Honduras Election, Hernandez rigged election to have an illegal 2nd term. When the people protested and wanted a recount, he ordered the military police to kill everyone. Over 23 Honduran Protestors were killed. Despite this the Trump Administration congratulated Juan Orlando Hernandez on his “victory” and told him what a great friend of America he was.

The 1,000 to 1,500 US Troops stationed in Honduras did nothing to intervene and stop the killing of protestors. They just watched it and kept training the Honduran Soldiers doing the killing.

As an American, why should I be proud of that? Why?

There is a longer list of American Officials who are part of this mess. Which also includes Senator Marco Rubio.

There were hardly any Republican Critics of the dictatorship years of Honduras (2009-2021) Many Republican Senators and Congresspeople loved this dictator.

When Juan Orlando Hernandez goes to trial, he will most likely name these Americans’ names in the drug trial in the US, to drag them down with him. Most likely it won’t do anything to their political careers. Just like when Panamanian Dictator Manuel Noriega went to trial in the US

Just like Hernandez, Noriega as we know was a longtime US ally and intelligence asset. The US knew he was a brutal and corrupt thug and turned a blind eye to it. He was an ally until 1987 when he became too much of a public embarrassment for America. The CIA paid Manuel Noriega a salary from 1971-1987. He was also trained in an American Military Program at Fort Bragg in 1967. After his overthrow and capture by the US in 1990, he was put on trial and convicted. None of the US Officials who had supported him during the 1970s and 1980s went to trial themselves. People such as George Bush Sr and Oliver North got away with it. Which is an indicator what will happen with the future Hernandez trial. If US officials complicit in these criminal cases are not held accountable, they will just do it again. Drugs are still coming through Honduras to the United States and Migrant Caravans from Honduras are not stopping.

Justice has not been served.

I want to end this post with an honest quote from Senator Patrick Leahy. Throughout the past eight years of decay, depravity, and impunity, successive U.S. administrations sullied our reputation by treating Hernandez as a friend and partner. By making excuse after excuse for a government that had no legitimacy and that functioned as a criminal enterprise, U.S. officials lost sight of what we stand for and that our real partners are the Honduran people.