Revisiting D James Kennedy’s Support For Invading Iraq in 2002

Back in October 2002 5 Evangelical Leaders wrote an open letter to President George W. Bush telling them, they supported a war with Iraq. It is know as the Land Letter. I will provide a link to it here.

The 5 signers of this letter were Bill Bright, Chuck Colson, D James Kennedy, Richard Land, and Carl Herbster. They believed that a pre-emptive invasion of Iraq met the requirements of a “Just War”. Richard Land at the time was President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. Today he is President of Southern Evangelical Seminary in North Carolina.

These 5 Evangelical Leaders believed the invasion of Iraq “had a reasonable chance of success” They believed the human cost on both sides would be justified by the intended outcome. They believed the intent of Invading Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein to be “just and noble” These 5 men also believed that Iraq had nuclear weapons.

Well we all know what happened. Iraq has been an unstable disaster ever since 2003. The overthrow of Saddam Hussein created a power vacuum that remains to this day. Democracy in Iraq failed. Iraq had no nuclear weapons. The civillian casualities were excessive and unacceptable. Iraq was an overblown threat. The Iraqi people are not thankful for what the US has done to their country. They do not like the US presence in their country. That is evident by the rocket attacks on our embassy in Baghdad.

Christian Nationalism is dangerous. This is an example why. Back in 2002 and 2003, I remember some Christians at the time trying to paint the Invasion of Iraq as a “War Against Christianity and Islam” The US Government did not go on a mission to bring Christianity to Iraq. What most American Christians were not aware of, was there were already Christians in Iraq before America invaded, for many centuries. The Saddam Hussein regime actually left Christians alone, since they left him alone. Ever since 2003 life has actually been worse for Christians since the US overthrew Saddam.

John Mccarthur was one of the few Pastors at the time in 2003, to clearly say that the Iraq War had nothing to do with Christianity. That took boldness to say in 2003.

It frustrates me to this day, how some of the loudest voices in the American Church still act as war mongers. Wanting the USA to invade Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, etc. Pat Robertson is one of those people. Christians should not be encouraging the US Government to destabalize the planet. We as Christians need to stop bringing up World War 2 as an excuse to invade another country. You can’t compare World War 2 to the invasion of Panama in 1989 or the 2003 Invasion of Iraq. It make no sense.

D James Kennedy was right about a lot of things. He also also wrong about many things and misguided on some issues. He was adamant in speaking out against Homosexuality but did not make an effort to encourage them to visit his church and show them Jesus’ Love. This turned off homosexuals towards the Gospel and ever wanting to come to church.

I pray that more Christians in the United States will begin ignoring people such as Pat Robertson, Jay Sekulow, John Hagee, and the others. They are not taking us down the right path. They encourage us to be angry and hate others. Not what our Lord Jesus wants us to do. John 13:35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

GOP Congressman Adam Kinzinger calls Republican Party a sinking ship

Illinois Republican Adam Kinzinger has recently compared the Republican Party to the Titanic. Adam is a critic of Donald Trump and was one of the 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump following the storming of the Capitol Building on January 6th. Now he is being attacked.

The 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Trump have since been censured in their home states by the GOP. The GOP base who fanatically support Trump no matter what he does, have grown to hate people like Kinzinger and also Republican Congressman Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio. Adam is also attacked by Trump’s allies in Congress such as Matt Gaetz and conspiracy nut Marjorie Taylor Greene. Mitt Romney is booed now at GOP conventions. Trump Supporters at my own church now HATE these 10 Republicans and any other who criticizes Donald Trump.

Many moderate Republicans in Congress chose not to run again in 2020, because they felt they could no longer serve in the Republican Party. As the Republicans keep attacking each other, they will not get anything done. Also we get closer to an eventual party split.

It is never a good idea when a political party is solely centered on one man. Donald Trump has fractured the Republican Party, and has caused ever lasting divisions. So much of the party has become centered around him. Those who are against him are harrassed by his allies. What happens when Trump dies? More collapse will happen. Also it is very undemocratic when differing views are not welcome in a party, but everyone must have the same opinion.

I left the Republican Party in 2016. I strongly believe it’s time more people leave it. I am No Party Preference. I am not a fan of any political party

Celebrating 10 years of Giving Up Television

I stopped watching television in 2011 and this year marks 10 years. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Prior to 2011, I used to watch lots of Television. Too much TV. In 2010, I was beginning to dislike the way television was going. I became more disgusted with the new shows coming on. The commercials were becoming dumber and more annoying. In paticular, the GEICO insurance commercials were very irritating to me. As a Christian I could not justify watching such trash anymore. Also the news at the time soley focused on celebrities getting in trouble with the law. I don’t care! Because I live in Southern California, celebrities were always in the news. I wasn’t learning anything important from the news. It was just bread and circus. So in 2011 at the age of 19 I stopped watching TV.

Sadly I haven’t been able to escape television altogether. I still live at home with my 85 year old grandma, who watches TV all night and day. I live with her because I help take care of her and the house. I still hear and see TV when I am cooking dinner for us and eating. I can’t stand listening to any TV!

The only way I get my news is online. My favorite news sources are Reuters, Al Jazeera English, and BBC websites. Al Jazeera English is one of the most diverse news sources I have found, since they have one of the best investigative journalism I have ever found. I also watch independent media on Youtube. There is a youtube channel I watch named China Uncensored which keeps up with exposes of the Chinese Government and puts some humor with it too. I also watch another channel on Youtube named VisualPolitik which cover international politics with history along with it. These news sources I watch don’t just give topical coverage like most news. Deep investigative journalism with the goal of exposing government corruption at times. I enjoy learning more about Countries in Africa, which never generate news on American Cable News Networks, and countries in Central Asia such as Uzbekistan. When was the last time Fox News or CNN talked about Uzbekistan? Never.

I largely concluded in 2011, that American Media and News wants to keep the American People stupid and ignorant. That is why I boycott it! Also it is designed to want us to be more accepting of the transgender movement, homosexuality, and other sins. Every show from comedies to crime dramas is saturated with this propoganda. And it will never change.

Child Sex Abuse in Catholic Church finally being punished in Chile 🇨🇱

This article I am sharing is from 2018, but the events in Chile are still ongoing. Starting in 2018, Law Enforcement in Chile is finally arresting Catholic Clergy in the country who have been involved in child sex abuse and cover-ups. Like most South American nations, the Catholic Church was very powerful and influential in Chile for most of its history. Therefore they basically policed themselves, and child sex abuse was never acknowledged or punished. Many Chileans were ignorant of it, until many people stated going public. In 2018, the police in Chile finally stepped up arrests.

Also in this article it is mentioned that the Catholic Church has been losing its influence in Chile. More people have left the Catholic Church. When Pope Francis came to visit Chile that year in 2018, there were many empty seats at his speaking event. The revelations of child sex abuse has caused many Chileans to leave the Catholic Church in disgust. In addition there is growing secularization in South America.

Argentina Catholic Clergy on Trial for Sexual Abuse of Deaf Children

In Argentina Catholic Clergy have been arrested and put on trial for sexual abuse of deaf children. The Provolo Institute in Buenos Aires was founded in 1995. It offered free education to handicapped children including the deaf. Investigators found a lot of sexual abuse of these children and teens happened between 2004 to 2016. In the article you will read that one of the priests has been sentenced to 40 years in prison. Several of the nuns, priests, and other staff of the institute have now been put on trial and jailed, including the gardner. The school has since been closed down.

In traditionally Catholic South America, it has been rare to see Catholic Clergy be held accountable for the sexual abuse of children. In the past, not many people were willing to believe any children coming forward to report they had been molested by a priest, but now they are being listened to. Not only in Argentina, but also the Chilean Government is also cracking down on Catholic Clergy who have molested children.

At this point we all know that child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church is systematic and international. It’s not just happening in one country. It’s all over the planet. It finally started being exposed on a mass scale in the 2000s, and now some of these pedos are finally being brought to justice.