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  • My video on Martyr Michael Cypher: American Priest Killed in Honduras

    The reason I made this video, is I can’t find any other video on this man’s life on Youtube. Michael Jerome Cypher was an American Priest who decided to live as a missionary in the Central American nation of Honduras in 1973. In 1975 the Army of Honduras killed him along with a Priest from […]

  • My latest videos

    Much of time time this past month has been focused on completing these last 2 videos. One of the associate pastors at my church and I took the time to make more videos on the Central American Nation of Honduras. In a previous video Pastor Jared Blue shared his testimony of his mission trip story […]

  • Mission Trip Interview with Pastor Jared Blue

    I recently made a video with one of the pastors at my church. Pastor Jared Blue is the newest pastor on staff and wanted to share his mission trip to Honduras in 2001. Check out the video and listen to how this mission trip impacted his life

  • Both Right Wing and Left Wing Christians are a Problem for Christianity

    Christianity especially in the United States has been infiltrated by all types of political extremes. This has left the body divided and fighting among itself. In my last post I discussed right wing republican Christians and their obsession with Donald Trump. Someone pointed out how bad progressive liberal Christians are too. I am going to […]

  • America Is Not a Christian Nation

    I recently came across this article and video from the Gospel Coalition. A seminary professor named Michael Horton explains why America is not a Christian Nation and why such a concept does not even exist. Christianity in the United States has long been deceived into calling the United States a “christian nation” Those of us […]