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  • I want to hear from you WordPress Audience

    I want to hear from you WordPress Audience

    American Christians and the Republican Party. I have written in the past about the Republican Party. I was a member of the Republican Party until I left it in September 2016. With each passing year I don’t even remember why I was ever a Republican other than being raised in a Republican Family. The Majority […]

  • My latest videos

    Much of time time this past month has been focused on completing these last 2 videos. One of the associate pastors at my church and I took the time to make more videos on the Central American Nation of Honduras. In a previous video Pastor Jared Blue shared his testimony of his mission trip story […]

  • Both Right Wing and Left Wing Christians are a Problem for Christianity

    Christianity especially in the United States has been infiltrated by all types of political extremes. This has left the body divided and fighting among itself. In my last post I discussed right wing republican Christians and their obsession with Donald Trump. Someone pointed out how bad progressive liberal Christians are too. I am going to […]

  • Christians Must Not Put Their Hope On Donald Trump

    I am very discouraged by how many professing Christians in this country, including in my own church are still obssessed with Donald Trump. They are still angry at the 2020 election, ranting about it, and keep talking about Donald Trump needing to be President again. More and more Christians, including at my church and some […]

  • Revisiting D James Kennedy’s Support For Invading Iraq in 2002

    Revisiting D James Kennedy’s Support For Invading Iraq in 2002

    Back in October 2002 5 Evangelical Leaders wrote an open letter to President George W. Bush telling them, they supported a war with Iraq. It is know as the Land Letter. I will provide a link to it here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Land_letter The 5 signers of this letter were Bill Bright, Chuck Colson, D James Kennedy, Richard […]