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  • Roe VS Wade about to be overturned? The Supreme Court and Abortion

    Roe VS Wade about to be overturned? The Supreme Court and Abortion

    Ever since the United States Supreme Court de facto legalized abortion in America in 1973 after the Roe Vs Wade Case, Christians in the USA have been praying and demonstrating against abortion ever since. Abortion was already happening underground in the USA before 1973, but the decision allowed abortion clinics to open with total permission. […]

  • My Theology Reading List

    My Theology Reading List

    This Feb and March I took a class at my church on becoming a small group leader. I finished it on March 10th. Since the 1970s my church Hope Chapel has people lead Bible Studies at individual houses known as “mini church”, where different people open up their homes to a once a week fellowship […]

  • I want to hear from you WordPress Audience

    I want to hear from you WordPress Audience

    American Christians and the Republican Party. I have written in the past about the Republican Party. I was a member of the Republican Party until I left it in September 2016. With each passing year I don’t even remember why I was ever a Republican other than being raised in a Republican Family. The Majority […]

  • My video on Martyr Michael Cypher: American Priest Killed in Honduras

    The reason I made this video, is I can’t find any other video on this man’s life on Youtube. Michael Jerome Cypher was an American Priest who decided to live as a missionary in the Central American nation of Honduras in 1973. In 1975 the Army of Honduras killed him along with a Priest from […]

  • Why are there so many splits in the Presbyterian Church? Here’s an Explanation

    I was raised in the Presbyterian Church until the age of 16. I grew up going to 2 different Presbyterian Churches. Both were Presbyterian Church USA. One was very liberal and even had women pastors and the other was more traditionalist. The Presbyterian Church has gone through so many splits especially during the 20th and […]