With Some Republicans Calling for American Military Intervention in Mexico, We should be Realistic the Consequences and what could go wrong.

In my previous article I talked about the recent tragedy in Mexico where 2 Americans were killed. 4 Americans were kidnapped by armed gun men and 2 of them were killed. The reaction from some American Republicans has been fierce. Politicians such as Lindsay Graham, Dan Crenshaw, and Michael Waltz want to pass a bill authorizing military force in Mexico against the drug cartels. The Mexican Government has rejected this and said they will not allow the US Military into their country. Let’s talk about this. https://thehill.com/policy/international/3887479-graham-says-he-will-introduce-bill-to-set-the-stage-for-us-to-use-military-force-in-mexico/

If the US were to send combat troops into Mexico to combat the drug cartels, it would be a real bloody mess. To start things off, the Mexican Government would consider it a hostile invasion by the USA. The Government of Mexico is probably not going to stand down and do nothing. They will probably engage in combat against the US Military. If the US were to go to war with the Mexican Government and the drug cartels at the same time, America will be dragged into a very long difficult war. The Mexican Air Force could also launch airstrikes on American targets as the US bombs Mexican targets. Their will be death on both sides of the border.

Many Americans live in Mexico, so if the US were to invade, the Americans living in Mexico would be targets of retaliation. The drug cartels could kill them in massacres. Also the US has a lot of economic investments in Mexico. For example, General Motors and Ford have many car plants in Mexico. In a war would those factories get destroyed in the chaos? What will that do to the car business in America? Also there will be a massive refugee crisis of Mexicans in such a war. Even if the US tries to totally shut the border with Mexico, at the same time US troops will have to use the border to go into Mexico.

Mexico is a very large country. Trying to control it will be too difficult for the USA.

The drug cartels can rely on guerilla warfare and blend in with the rest of population. They are well armed and very brutal. I also want to bring up a scenario if Russia or China ends up giving Mexico weapons to fight against the US Military invading Mexico. What if Russia wanted to get payback on America for the proxy war in Ukraine?

Some Americans feel that military force is the only way to solve the problem of drug cartels in Mexico. Senator Graham threatened Mexico “If you can’t clean up your problems, we will clean them up for you” Yet America really does have enough of its own problems such as constant mass shootings. The US Economy is getting worse. We still have organized crime families living free and doing underground crime in major American cities. A war with Mexico will make problems worse and really drain the US in many ways. Not too mention tremendous loss of life.

These Republican Politicians proposing military force in Mexico are not going to personally serve there themselves nor will they be sending any of their family members to fight in Mexico. What they do if trade in defense company stocks whenever we are at war and profit in their stock portfolios.

For these reasons it is very unlikely that the US would go into war. The loudest voices proposing military action are not going to get much support. Most people in Government know how badly a war in Mexico would go.

A General Motors office in Mexico’s capital city

3 responses to “With Some Republicans Calling for American Military Intervention in Mexico, We should be Realistic the Consequences and what could go wrong.”

  1. Good post brother, I’m caring for my mom and so behind in news and WP. I totally agree with your views, it would be ludicrous to agress against Mexico.
    But moreover, if these politicians are so concerned about the drug cartels, they need to focus on the cartels’ biggest supporters – the US citizens that buy their drugs!

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    • You are being a devoted daughter caring for your mother. God is blessing you for that. And yes North America is that largest consumer of narcotics while threatening military action on its neighbors. It is hypocrisy and Latin America has called out this problem.
      I once shared in a post that a family from my church have been living in Mexico since 1994 as permanent missionaries. Living in Oaxaca Mexico and church planting

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