sometimes the biggest supporters of war are those who have never served in combat: take for example Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro

Warning! ⚠️ If you are a fan of either Dennis Prager or Ben Shapiro, you will be very offended by my blog post.

Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro, 2 well known conservative political pundits. The Religious Right of America for the most part love them. Both are Conservative Jews. Dennis Prager is brought onto Christian Television even though he is not a Christian. But he allies himself with Conservative Christian. Many people at my church listen to both these men. One thing in common with both Prager and Shapiro is there are neo conservative war hawks and longtime supporters of American Military Interventions. Yet neither Dennis or Ben have ever served in the military or in combat.

Let me start off with Ben Shapiro. Ben Shapiro who was born in 1984 has been a supporter or both the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Back in 2002 an 18 year old Ben Shapiro wrote an online article

The original article from the website Town Hall, has since been deleted. But some people on Reddit were able to upload an entire copy of that 2002 article from an 18 year old Ben Shapiro. Shapiro’s article is titled “I am sick of people whining about civilian casualties in Afghanistan” In defending the killing of Afghan non-combatants in 2002 to the US pull out from Afghanistan in 2021, Ben Shapiro has consistently been a hawkish supporter of the US War in Afghanistan. He did not want the US to ever leave Afghanistan until the war was “won”. Yet Ben Shapiro never joined the military. He never went to serve in combat in Afghanistan. For someone who speaks like they believe in a war like that, he was not willing to give his life to serve there. Instead let other American men fight and die there. Ben Shapiro also is not able to say the horrendous things he says in his videos and articles to Afghan People to their faces. I view a person like that as a coward.

Some of the biggest critics of the US War in Afghanistan I met, where the Men who served in combat in Afghanistan. Men I went to college with from 2010-2016 who served in Iraq and Afghanistan were all against the continuation of the wars. They viewed Afghanistan as a country not worth fighting over. They viewed the war as a failure. They were against sending any more troops there to die. Compare that with Ben Shapiro who for 19 years kept advocating on his Ben Shapiro show that America needed to keep fighting in Afghanistan.

The other person to talk about is Dennis Prager. Prager is an outspoken neo con war hawk. He believes the USA has a moral obligation to go to war against foreign dictatorships and overthrow these foreign governments ” to spread freedom” Dennis Prager on his Youtube Channel PragerU has made many videos defending the 2003 Iraq War. He claims Iraq is so much better since 2003. Even though Iraq has been a disaster since 2003 and totally violent and unstable. The US overthrow of the Saddam Hussein dictatorship left a power vacuum in Iraq and a violent civil war between Sunnis and Shias in Iraq. Thousands of Iraqis died! Dennis Prager calls this “success”. It sounds totally delusional. Most other Americans who initially supported the 2003 Iraq War now admit they made a mistake and that the war was a disaster for the Iraqi People. But not Dennis Prager. In addition to Dennis Prager’s support of the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, he continues to defend and support the Vietnam War, NATO bombing Serbia in 1999, drone strikes in multiple countries, and others.

Prager like Shapiro has never served in the military and never served in combat. Yet he is in favor of the US going into more regime change wars. Iran for example. Why he is not going to fight in these wars then?

Both Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro vilify Americans who are anti-war. To them anyone who is not supportive of wars like Iraq are “un patriotic” and “bad americans” It is troubling how I see many Christians embrace men like Ben Shapiro and Dennis Prager and watch their shows religiously. As I stated earlier neither Shapiro or Prager are Christians. Christians embrace them because of their conservative politics. Neither of these men are role models for Christians! They are hypocrites and still lost spiritually! There are many other issues I have with people like Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro, but I am not going to get into that in this post.

In the end it seems that those who have served in war, actually become the biggest critics of it. Because they see the futility and destruction of war. How it does not make anything better. They see how the political elite lie and profit of war. And the victims. Those who do not have to sacrifice much and can make personal profits of wars, are the one advocating for the next war.


11 responses to “sometimes the biggest supporters of war are those who have never served in combat: take for example Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro”

  1. That Shapiro article was one painful read. “One American soldier is worth far more than an Afghan civilian.” That is a devilish sentiment. Key point “they never served in combat”, they’ve never seen the heartache and grief nor the PTSD from those who have.
    That ‘Christians’ embrace these conservatives only punctuates a pervasive lack of discernment. That lack will be even more damaging in these last days as the antichrist is ushered in.
    Joseph, while I believe in Biblical prophecies concerning Israel, too many Christians idolize that country and hold them faultless. That is very naive. Israel was the major weapon supplier to Azerbaijan when they attacked and instigated war against Armenians, 2020. They now mobilize a hateful coalition aligned with Azerbaijan, Pakistan and Turkey to “wipe Armenia off the map”. If I didn’t see it I wouldn’t believe it.
    Sorry to go on too long!!! I hope you are well, brother.

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    • There are many things the government of Israel has done that are terrible. In addition to all that you have listed, Israel supported many Central American dictatorships along with the USA Government. Israel 🇮🇱 helped the military dictators of Guatemala during the Civil War from 1960-1996. I wrote an article in the past about the government of Israel and the bad things they have done. We live in a culture, that any criticism of the government of Israel is called anti-semitic and anti-jewish. Especially with Christian Culture in the USA, we are expected by fellow Christians to be 100% supportive of everything the Government of Israel does and no questions allowed. If we ask questions, we are called “Jewish Haters” It is ridiculous

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