More Evidence that the explosion of the Nord Stream Pipeline was deliberate and done by the USA

Back in September 2022, Russia’s nord stream pipeline to Europe was badly damaged in an explosion. Many questions arose, if it was an accident or on purpose. Some people blamed Russia and some cast suspicion on the US Government. The Nord Stream Pipeline had been a vital oil pipeline for Europe to get Russian gas and oil. Its sabotage has been devastating for all of Europe including Russia.

If the sabotage of the nord stream pipeline was deliberate, then the most suspicion falls on the one who would benefit the most from this.

The reason that suspicion has fallen on the USA, are some statements made by President Biden and others. In February 2022 before Russia invaded Ukraine, President Biden said to reporters “If Russia invades Ukraine, Nord Stream Pipeline 2 will end” When the pipeline explosion happened in September 2022, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken responded by saying “It is a tremendous opportunity to once and for all remove the dependence on Russian energy”. In October 2022, Russia began saying that the US was responsible for the explosion. The US denied it.

Now over 4 months later, more people are claiming it was the US behind the pipeline explosion. Veteran Journalist Seymour Hersh who is 85 years old and has been reporting major stories for over 50 years released a report telling how the US carried out the sabotage. Hersh is a Pullitzer Prize winner and has uncovered lots of government corruption. In his report using an unnamed US Government Official as a source, he reports that the US used Navy Divers to plant remote detonated explosives on the pipes and later detonated the explosion. The US Government who has always hated Seymour Hersh since the Vietnam War, is denouncing his report as false and lies. But more people are beginning to believe the US Government was responsible.

The US has desired that Europe stop using Russian Energy and buy more American Oil. Even though American Oil takes much longer to get to Europe by the Atlantic Ocean. Europe is going through an energy crisis and it just got worse for them since the nord stream pipeline explosion. The US is giving more oil than ever now to Europe. Gas prices in America continue to go up. The US is now back to purchasing Venezuelan crude oil. The US is hoping to economically crush and collapse Russia. Because of this the US is not doing a good job of trying to deny their role in the pipeline explosion.

Russia is once again demanding that the US compensate for the explosion of the pipeline.

The energy wars have just heated up


2 responses to “More Evidence that the explosion of the Nord Stream Pipeline was deliberate and done by the USA”

  1. Keep digging brother, you’ll be surprised what you find. With politics and corruot governments, there are so many shrouds. May it all serve to divest pur hearts in this world and fix our eyes on the coming Kingdom.
    Good points here Joseph, always look forward to your posts.

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