Please Stop Calling Russia’s War in Ukraine “a battle between good and evil”

People still continue to be obsessed with Russia’s War in Ukraine, even as Saudi Arabia continues to pound their southern neighbor Yemen with bombs. Because Yemen is not Europe, no one cares.

People in Europe and North America continue to say they stand behind Ukraine and say Russia is evil and Ukraine are all good guys. I don’t buy any of this for a second and thankfully a growing number of Americans are beginning to challenge and question the US Government’s involvement in this. Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine is a proxy war between the USA/NATO and Russia. The US is hoping to drain Russia by fighting in Ukraine rather than pushing for real negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.

I am not calling Russia the “good guys” but I am not going to call Ukraine “good guys” either. For example read about the Azov Battalion of the Ukraine National Guard. A lot of them have neo nazi ideology and have done terrible violence themselves. Ukraine’s government is a corrupt government full of corrupt oligarchs just like Russia and its corrupt oligarchs. Ukraine is a country where all kinds of corrupt money laundering occurs and the Ukrainian Mafia is quite active.

The Ukrainian leadership after the 2014 Euromaiden revolution has been praised by the US and Western Europe as “great leaders” and “democracy” But the reality is far from it. Petro Poroshenko who was president of Ukraine from 2014-2019 is a notorious oligarch.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko

Poroshenko is one of the wealthiest men in Ukraine and has many monopolies in Ukraine and even controlled all the chocolate factories of Ukraine. He has the nickname “the chocolate king” He has lots of off shore accounts. When he was President of Ukraine from 2014-2019, he was portrayed as “so wonderful” by the Western Media. Because he was Pro-Western and Anti-Russian. As Russian speaking Ukrainians were attempting to break off from Ukraine since 2014, the US continued giving his government military weaponry to fight them.

After he left office in 2019, the next President Zelensky has gone after him and had him investigated for corruption and treason charges. Western Europe and the USA are done with Poroshenko and no longer portray him favorably anymore. Now the American Media is obsessed with promoting Voldomyr Zelensky as a “new hero”

The American Media can’t get enough praising President Zelensky. A comedian and actor who became President of Ukraine in 2019. He is being showcased everywhere on American TV including on the Grammy Awards. But let’s look at the entire picture. In 2020 Zelensky supported Azerbaijan in its war with Armenia over Nagorno Karabakh. The Azerbaijanis took this territory by force and made all the Armenians living there leave. Zelensky spoke in support of these cruel actions of Azerbaijan, which is a dictatorship, while Armenia is a democracy.

This year Zelensky has been quite busy banning opposition parties in his country. Claiming they have ties to Russia.

Let’s continue talking about the Azov Battalion.

The Azov Battalion are a very right wing militia who have members with white supremacist views. They were incorporated into the Ukrainian National Guard and made a part of the Ukraine Armed Forces. They have expressed many anti jewish statements and white supremacy views. They wish to rid Ukraine of Russian speaking Ukrainians also. For a few years they were shunned and rejected by the international community. Since Russia went to war in Ukraine, now the American Media is portraying them as “good guys” fighting the Russians. Recently the Defense Department of the US funded an award ceremony at Disney World to give awards to members of the Azov Battalion.

This is so bizarre and totally shameful.

In the US Americans are being bombarded with Pro Ukrainian Propoganda. Americans feel compelled to wave a Ukraine Flag at their house and have the Ukraine flag on their car.

I on the other hand have seen the ugly reality of the Ukraine Government and I do not stand with them. I am not concerned whether Ukraine wins or loses their war with Russia. Ukraine realistically cannot win a war with Russia.

This war in Ukraine could have been avoided. The US and NATO wanted to meddle in Russia’s backyard and really provoked this tensions for years with Ukraine and Russia. The only way the war really can win is with negotiations. Trying to drain the Russian Army in Ukraine is foolish and reckless and only brings more destruction to Ukraine.

Also it makes no sense why the US wants to have a proxy war with Russia over Ukraine after the US just ended its disastrous 20 year war in Afghanistan. Now Ukraine is going to look like Afghanistan, and Afghanistan was used as a proxy war between Russia and America in the 1980s.

Biblically this war in Ukraine is just another foot step to an eventual world war 3. Since the USA, China, and Russia are the 3 dominant world super powers, most likely ww3 will be fought between the 3 nations and usher in the time of the Anti Christ. When such a war happens outright millions will die

2 responses to “Please Stop Calling Russia’s War in Ukraine “a battle between good and evil””

  1. Hey Joseph, I agree with what you have said in this post. It is complicated politics that ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons. There is no reason at all to trust what is being reported from any side. Jesus’s return is getting closer by the day.


  2. (Thanks for the “like.”) Informative article here, and the source links you provided appear reliable. The U.S. Government has a long history of conveniently excusing repressive, right-wing, and racist regimes if, by supporting them, its own interests are furthered. Not that Putin and the Russian military are angels – just the opposite – but no surprise the same scenario is being played out with Ukraine. Just two criticisms: you can’t “negotiate” with a sadistic bully (“only way the war really can win is with negotiations”). And your last paragraph, which mentions the “Anti Christ” and tries to link a possible World War III with the Christian Bible, is out of place and pure conjecture based on your religious bias. Otherwise…nice essay.


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