Congress Votes to Protect Marriage Equality. 47 Republicans vote in Favor

As I was reading the Hill website as I do for my news, I read this news story. The House voted to protect “marriage equality” Which includes same sex marriage. What was noteworthy to me was that 47 Republicans voted in favor of passing this. Now it will go to the Senate. Congress was voting on this, in case the US Supreme Court were to overturn recognition of same sex marriage, which was passed in 2015. We will see where this goes.

The fact that 47 Republicans voted in favor of protecting same sex weddings is surprising to me, but I believe it. Already there are openly gay Republicans out there. Like Richard Grenell and many others.

Some Christians who continue to be registered Republican and vote Republican, tend to still think that the Republican Party still stands for traditional marriage. Not anymore. There are even straight Republicans like Congresswoman Nancy Mace who support same sex marriage and gay rights.

In my own state of California we had a Republican running for Governor in 2014 who supported gay rights and even attended a gay pride even in San Diego while running for Governor against Governor Jerry Brown.

Evangelical Christians in the USA who still campaign for Republicans and cheer for the party, need to pay attention to this. And then reflect if the Republican Party lines up with the beliefs of the Bible. The Republican Party is not the Christian Party. The fact that 47 Republicans in Congress want to protect same sex marriage is evidence of this.


5 responses to “Congress Votes to Protect Marriage Equality. 47 Republicans vote in Favor”

  1. Joe, you are right. The Republican Party is not the Christian party. Thanks for posting this article from The Hill, because now I understand what happened much better.

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    • I really appreciate you reading this post Maria. I shared this story with many people from my church. I left the Republican Party in 2016 as I have written in previous posts. I am No Party Preference now. More people from my church have done the same, since the Republican Party alienates them as the GOP is embracing same sex marriage. We have to stand for Biblical Truth Sister

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      • Joe, I understand. Yes, we must stand with the Lord! Thank you for your kind reply! Have a blessed weekend!!

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  2. Allegiance to any entity outside Christ and His Body is futile – it’s ALL coming under the domain of the antichrist.
    Christians are drawn to the pseudo righteousness of conservative politics because it is easier than Christ’s call, “pick up your cross and follow Me”.
    Keep posting brother.

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    • Amen Sister. You and Maria are correct.
      So many people I know who profess to be Christians including at my church are screaming about losing all their freedoms if the Republicans don’t win. They are thinking about this temporary life on Earth. They admit to me the Republicans are no good but what else can they do. That’s when I tell them to re-read Revelation and focus on God’s Will

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