Roe VS Wade about to be overturned? The Supreme Court and Abortion

Ever since the United States Supreme Court de facto legalized abortion in America in 1973 after the Roe Vs Wade Case, Christians in the USA have been praying and demonstrating against abortion ever since. Abortion was already happening underground in the USA before 1973, but the decision allowed abortion clinics to open with total permission. Abortions increased. As a Christian I oppose abortion, it is killing an unborn baby.

With the Conservative Majority in the Supreme Court right now, they are poised to overturn the Roe Vs Wade decision. If this happens this will be a huge moment. Christians have been praying for 49 years for something like this to happen. My church Hope Chapel has been very active in the Pro-Life movement, especially in the 1980s and 1990s. Many at my church volunteer at pregnancy centers that help women.

If Roe Vs Wade gets overturned, it will be the end of Federal Approval of Abortion. It will then be up to individual states to have their own abortion laws. Federal Funding for Abortion Clinics could end. Sadly my home state of California is very pro-abortion especially my governor Gavin Newsom. Newsom has already said he intends California to take in out of state women have their abortions if other states ban abortion. On the other hand, many traditionally conservative states will prohibit abortion once Roe Vs Wade gets over turned by the Supreme Court.

Already the Abortion Supporters are going out and spreading their anger and hate outside the houses of the Supreme Court Justices.

The battle over abortion will never end until the Lord Jesus returns. We cannot expect this struggle to be over until then. But how amazing it would be if the Supreme Court actually helps end Roe Vs Wade!

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