Chaos In Haiti: The Aftermath of the Killing of Haitian President Jovenel Moise

Last Week the President of Haiti was killed by a large group of Colombian Mercenaries. Haitian President Jovenel Moise who had been President since 2017 was facing 2 years of intense protests against him. The killing is not a surprise to me, but the details of how it happened are.

President Jovenel Moise was a controversial leader and also a failed leader (like most Haitian Presidents) Some of the controversial things he did was bringing back the military in 2017. The Military of Haiti was disbanded in 1995 by then President Aristide, because the military had done nothing but kill and repress the Haitian People and carried out many coups in the Haitian Government. Moise had also messed around with the Supreme Court of the country and continued ruling after his term ended in 2020. He had been ruling by decree ever since. Moise also oversaw a severe fuel shortage in the country and no vaccines have come to Haiti at all. Moise was highly unpopular and many were protesting for his resignation.

Last week he was killed in his home by a group of at least 26 Colombian Mercenaries and 2 Haitian Americans.

Suspects in the assassination of President Jovenel Moise

The killers were dressed as DEA Agents. Now the alleged organizer of this killing appears to be a Haitian American Doctor named Christian Emmanuel Sanon.

Doctor Sanon is a Haitian Doctor who had been living in Florida for many years. He had published many videos online expressing his desire to become the next leader of Haiti and criticizing President Moise. He arrived in Haiti a week before the killing of the President. I also learned he is a Pastor. He graduated from a Seminary in Kansas City. He did many humanitarian church projects in Haiti since the early 2000s. Since 2011, he expressed a desire to become leader of Haiti.

What is happening in Haiti is a repeat of constant turmoil and chaos. Haiti is always a very unstable country. A lot of this chaos is the result of the demonic presence in Haiti. Voodoo is the main religion and culture of the country and is highly demonic. It’s no wonder why Haiti is always so violent and unstable. Haiti currently has a power vacuum. Haiti has requested that the US send troops into the country for peace keeping. Thankfully the US has refused to send troops. The US has intervened in Haiti many times, to no avail. In another post I wrote about this. The last time US troops were sent into Haiti was in 2010.

Migrants from Haiti will increase following this chaos. Everytime there is a coup in Haiti, violence increases and people flee. Haiti is a failed state.

Let’s take the time to remember all the foreign Christian Missionaries who live in Haiti and pray for their protection. Pray that they will still be able to share the Good News of Salvation to the Haitian People in this chaos. Also let’s pray that crazy men like Sanon do not become Pastors because they give Christians a terrible reputation.

17 responses to “Chaos In Haiti: The Aftermath of the Killing of Haitian President Jovenel Moise”

  1. Very informative article Joseph, thank you. I didn’t know much of these things. I agree with the points you make esp the last – what a dishonor to Christianity when a so-called pastor disgraces the faith.
    Press on brother!

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    • Thanks Sister. Last week the news came on my phone about the Haitian President being killed. So I read more into it. It’s almost like some political thriller movie script. The so-called Pastor is a disgrace. Let’s pray for the safety of missionaries in Haiti in this chaos

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