The Fool’s Errand of trying to negotiate peace between Israel and the Palestinians

In this entry, I will be exposing my bias in the Israel/Palestine conflict.

Since 1948 The United States has been trying to get Israel and Palestine to have a peace with each other. Every administration Republican and Democrat has done this. And to no avail. That is because it is a fool’s errand and it cannot be done.

The Palestinian side is not interested in a 2 State solution. The Palestinians want all the land and to expel the Jews from the region. Israel has given land to the Palestinians including the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and yet the Palestinians keep attacking the Israelis and starting wars with them. I am realistic that Israel is not perfect and they have done targeted killings of Palestinian leaders, but they have been more serious in all the U.S sponsored peace negotiations. The Palestinians never give anything back to Israel in return other than more terrorist attacks and suicide bombings.

The U.S needs to stop placating the Palestinians while they continue terrorist attacks against civilians. The U.S should punish Palestinian terrorist groups until they change their behavior. President after President has try playing both sides of the conflict in funding both sides. Appeasement has never worked with the Palestinians and it never will. Until the Palestinians change their behavior the U.S needs to stand strictly with Israel.

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